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Identifying things in wireless spectrum with AI

Let’s build intelligent radios together.

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The Radio Intelligence Apps project exists to help accelerate the development of intelligent radio technology. The RIA project contains utlilities for synthesizing, curating, and inspecting datasets of radio signals, example workflows for training high performance machine learning models, and tools for testing them. The RIA Project is coming soon.

  • Generate radio signals using Python, GNU Radio, and MATLAB.
  • Curate radio datasets from collections of SigMF recordings and save them as HDF5.
  • Train models with off-the-shelf deep learning algorithms tailored for radio.
  • RIA, the foundational core of RIA Hub, is free and open-source
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RIA is an end-to-end development suite for creating and deploying intelligent radio applications to realworld software-defined radio enabled systems. RIA is built on top of the open source RIA project.

  • Experiment, training, and deployment automation features.
  • Interoperable with a selection of DSP and deep learning technologies.
  • Streamline deployment with leading SDR hardware solutions.
  • Accelerate prototyping with a library of functions, pre-trained models, model implementations, workflows, and datasets.
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Intelligent Radio Research

Qoherent partners on the research of better radio signal processing solutions with machine learning and quantum computing. Qoherent partners with government labs, corporate researchers, and universities to:

  • Build environment emulators and testbeds.
  • Design and experiment on algoritmic solutions for classifying radio signals.
  • Systems integration with software-defined radios.

Ecosystem, Support, and Partners: