Near-term Passive Intelligent Radio Applications

There are numerous real-world applications that stand to benefit from intelligent radio technology. Here are a few real-world examples:

Spectrum Monitoring

Many events occur on spectrum, and it is of interest to governments, telecommunications companies, emergency services, and other bodies to ensure that spectrum assets are used as intended. Intelligent radios, integrated into situational awareness systems can identify and classify on wireless spectrum.

Dynamic Spectrum Access

Passive intelligent radios can dynamically sense conditions, identify gaps and available spectrum, and use that to produce and provide an optimum assignment algorithm for multiple users in a limited band, thereby maximizing the use of spectrum.

Prioritized Spectrum Sharing

Passive intelligent radios can be an input into priority-assigned incumbent-controlled spectrum sharing technologies such as CBRS, where an incumbent shares access to spectrum they control to licensees or authorized users. Intelligent radios can sense conditions, detect incumbent usage needs, and assign prioritization or access to transmitters that are operating on the shared spectrum.