Open Invitation. Lets build intelligent radios together.

Qoherent provides its staff with the opportunity to build something great as part of a multidisciplinary team. We offer a flexible work environment, continued learning opportunities, and potential for career growth.

We are always looking to meet those who are eager to join in our mission to build better intelligent radio technology. We are open to networking with new candidates, even when we don’t have a posting available. If you are interested in a discussion, please contact us at info at qoherent dot ai or via LinkedIn.

Active postings for full-time or contract positions can be found here or on our LinkedIn page.

We also occasionally offer Co-op postings to qualified Canadian university or college students from accredited engineering, computer science, or physics programs, including graduate students. Postings can be found at your school’s career centre, but we also encourage students to reach out to us via email directly.