About Qoherent

Our mission: Drive the creation of intelligent radio.

Qoherent™ is a technology company that specializes in AI development for software-defined radios, focusing on streamlining the workflow for radio signal processing engineers and researchers in wireless technologies with software and IP products. Intelligent radios integrate machine learning-based signal processing to build more robust, aware, and adaptive radiofrequency (RF) communications and sensing systems that generally out perform traditional radio systems.

Qoherent creates data-driven solutions using machine learning techniques for passive sensing of the RF spectrum to identify and analyze signals such LTE, 5GNR, and more. Our product offering includes application-specific IP composed of datasets and models, as well as design tools that help engineers bridge the knowledge gap between the RF and ML domains. Qoherent also investigates applications of quantum machine learning as applied to real-world RF problems.

Qoherent’s team of RF and machine learning experts are passionate about working with scientists and engineers to solve hard problems. We come from a diverse background that includes test & measurement, data analytics, and cybersecurity. We are experts in bridging the gap between machine learning and radio signal processing.