Prototyping Services for RF Signal Processing With Artificial Intelligence


At Qoherent, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of radio signal processing solutions through cutting-edge research, machine learning, and quantum computing. We collaborate with a diverse range of partners, including government labs, corporate researchers, and universities, to lead and contribute to active projects that shape the future of RF technology.

Research Activities

We offer end-to-end research and prototyping services for any stage of a project, including:

  • Reviewing and consulting on state-of-the-art methods for performing radio signal classification.
  • Designing and experimenting with algorithmic solutions for classifying radio signals.
  • Replicating and advancing peer-reviewed research in the field.
  • Signal synthesis and over-the-air recording capture.
  • Designing and developing software-defined radio (SDR)-based testbeds, from two radios to large channel emulators.

Engineering Activities

Our engineering team specializes in transforming cutting-edge research into practical solutions. Our engineering activities include:

  • Further designing and experimenting with algorithmic solutions for classifying radio signals.
  • Dataset creation, model design, and training for machine learning applications.
  • Integrating and deploying models into existing software or systems.
  • General systems integration with SDRs to create fully functional RF systems.


Qoherent’s research and development work is greatly facilitated by our proprietary Radio Intelligence Application (RIA). RIA serves as a powerful tool to:

  • Control and manage testbeds efficiently.
  • Create and manipulate datasets for research and development.
  • Design, train, and fine-tune machine learning models.
  • Conduct extensive testing and evaluation of model performance.

Access to RIA is provided as an integral part of all development projects, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the prototyping process.

Contact us today to discuss how Qoherent’s expertise in research, engineering, and software can contribute to your RF technology projects and help you achieve your goals.